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Here at Basstrology it is our intention to bring to light the epic power of our universe and promote the divinity of collective consciousness and individuality through the medium of performance art and celebratory party. We would like to pay homage to the spectacle of frequency manipulation and creation, all unified under the omni-benevolence of the merciful Rave Gods who keep us. As the name suggests we help provide insight to the true symbolic nature of astrology and our connection to the stars by spreading the knowledge contained within ancient observations to aid each other in the quest for self-mastery and global enlightenment. We cherish the art of Being.

Our productions are a direct extension of consciousness and we project an intrinsic demonstration of source energy through all of our performances, encouraging any patrons and revelers who join us to engage in their own direct understanding of ‘who am I?’ and our combined, co-creative purpose in this wonderful age. We are indeed on the pinnacle of global, social evolution, the horizon of which is beaming with the infinite possibilities of technological singularity and unified ascension of humanity as a collective. We believe this time should be celebrated and praised, and we invite you to engage us to create phenomenal experiences to enjoy. Join us on our shared journey through the cosmos via the spiritual wormhole of our own being. Let us move with one another through the galactic frequencies that bind us by sharing our light of existence and the innate beauty that freely lives within all of our hearts.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch through the contact page. In the mean time please browse the site to get a better idea of what we do, the ‘services’ we can offer you, and the information we would like to share. This site will be, much like us, in a constant state of development, evolving with space and time. We love you, fellow Being, unconditionally, unboundedly, absolutely.


Life, love & Unity. 
Peace, Freedom & Expression. 
Respect, Honour & Compassion. Why? Who? When? Where? What?